Feelings and perceptions about the relationship among young palestinians and young israeli women

Ana Maria Casarotti Peirano


The aim of this essay is based on a personal concern and interest in young women. Being in Israel/Palestine my interest gained a fundamental and regional orientation's sit to illustrate this point: the Israeli State celebrates sixty years of its foundation while the Palestinians commemorate sixty years of Nakba - Nakba is an Arabic word that means catastrophe or disaster and it is used to designate the Palestinian exodus due to the Arab-Israeli war in 1948. Both sides are suffering from this situation and would like to change it. It's considered that this conflict-situation needs to change, for theirs and their families' futures.


Relações de Gênero; Mulheres; Israel; Palestina

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22351/nepp.v26i0.150

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